The TARDIS: Cutting out

So with every costume or cosplay, you start out with cutting out fabric. Little did I realise how much I would need to cut out.

The pattern, which is Simplicity 1095, was given to me by a good friend of mine for my birthday (thank you Gemma!) and it’s taken a long while to get round to. But there’s no time like the present, however wibbly-wobbly it may be.

As with other patterns from Simplicity and the like, I found the measurements and sizes unforgiving. While my bust and hip measurements put me at a size 12 (not too bad, I’m usually 10/12), my waist of 32″ said I’m size 18! It was then that I realized the pattern was American, so although a little bit more forgiving, it did make me question those tubes of Pringles……

Onto the fabric. I tried to get a close a blue of fabric for the main body of the TARDIS as possible. I found this polycotton in my local fabric shop, a suitable shade and a very reasonable price, which helps when you’ve got a great big skirt to make out of it, let alone the rest of the outfit. In fact, most of the outfit is either cotton or a polycotton due to costs, but it will prove itself in the Californian summer weather… hopefully.

I started off with the blue first as it was the most amount of fabric (8 metres to be precise, it took up the length of my living room) and took up the whole evening ironing and laying out.


I did my best to fit the pattern pieces onto the fabric with resourcefulness. If I was to have leftover fabric, I wanted it to at least prove useful for future endeavours. Anyhow, I found that I strayed away from the layout that the pattern provided, because whilst it was a useful guide, it meant I ended up with odd bits that would have just gone to waste. No less, once all the blue pieces were done, I did have roughly a couple metres leftover which will go into a project of some sort.


The same proces can be said for the other fabrics and pattern pieces. The black fabric is about 2.3 metres, the canvas for the corset is 1 metre and the white for the bustle and windows for the TARDIS is 1.2 metres. My advice for this section of the cosplay mostly is this. With the canvas fabric, as you will be needing a couple layers, be prepared for vigourous hand exercises. And wear a thimble! Guess who learnt this the hard way….


Also, just remember that if you decide not to follow the layout the pattern gives exactly to save on fabric, just remember the grain lines. On each pattern piece is a straight arrow, found in the centre. This is a guideline for the pattern to be laid onto the fabric, following the grain of the fabric. If you’re unsure about the grain of the fabric, using a tape measure, you can line the grainline on the pattern with the edge of the fabric.

Oh and there’s the fold. Don’t forget to put the right pieces on the fold line. The skirt panels are an example, they double in size because of this and will save on sewing more panels together.


For the haberdashery, I had to purchase thread (obviously!), about 8 metres of 1/4″ wide boning (it said 7 and 3/4 yards, which does sound a lot, but I wanted to be safe than sorry. Also this is rigilene boning as it’s what was available and it’s more affordable than steel), 8 metres of lacing for the corset, 1.3 metres of elastic, 2 packs of brass eyelets and just over a metre of bondaweb (this is a paper like material used for sticking fabric together).

Now the thing about the bias binding… the pattern said 9 pkgs…. I’m guessing this is “packages” but here in the UK, I had never heard of this before. It’s normally something I purchase in lengths off a roll…. So I bought a whole roll. Like I said before, better safe than sorry.

So now that everything is purchased and cut out (and knowing my luck I’ll have forgotten something), I better get a move on!

Pudding xxx

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