Well Hello There!

Hello, I’m new here and I want to show my cosplays!!

Welcome to my blog!! Bear with me as I’m a brand new blogger here.

First and foremost, my name is Nichola, or Nic, or Pudding. Hence the name of the site. I am a yorkshireman living in Scotland and was dubbed as the Yorkshire Pudding pretty much as soon as I said “‘ey up, fancy a cuppa?”.

So what is The Geeky Pudding all about. Well hopefully, you will join me as I take on a variety of cosplay projects. After completeing a degree in Costume Design and Construction, I want to put my skills to something I love, which is nerdy stuff.

The first cosplay project I’ll be working on is gonna be a big one. As my friends already well know, I am a massive Doctor Who fan. Like huge. You could say bigger on the inside…… yeah sorry. So my first project for this blog has to be for this show. But not only this, myself, my mum and my boyfriend, are lucky enough to be going to San Diego Comic Con this year. Yes that comic con!! Actually pretty soon. I couldn’t believe it either. So be on the lookout for a TARDIS cosplay in my upcoming posts.

Alongside this, I intend to throw other stuff in there. I like Marvel films/comics, Star Wars, Disney films, a few bits of anime/manga, a fair bit of geeky stuff really. I also like to draw and get crafty. So be on the lookout for side projects and artwork.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy this and come back for more. Otherwise I’m just talking to myself!

In the meantime, I better get sewing!

Pudding xxx

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